Four Poker Hand Analysis Software Programs

poker hand analysis software

Poker hand analysis software helps you analyze your opponent’s hands and identify their weaknesses. It also allows you to keep track of your own stats and improve your game.

It usually has a Heads-Up Display (HUD) which overlays player info directly on your poker table. You can see how many times you’ve played a specific opponent and what their overall tendencies are at the table.


Flopzilla is one of the most popular poker hand analysis software programs available on the market. It’s very easy to use and has many features and functionality that can help you improve your game.

This program is available for download and can be used for free for a period of seven days. A manufacturer offers this trial to familiarize you with the program and to get feedback from players.

If you’re new to hand reading, you can learn from a variety of exercises using Flopzilla. These exercises will give you a strong foundation for hand reading and will help you become a better poker player.

Another important feature of Flopzilla is the ability to filter hands based on certain statistics. When a stat is moused over, only starting hands with that statistic will be displayed.


Poker hand analysis software has become an increasingly popular way for poker players to improve their game. These programs are able to analyze hands and recommend strategies that can be used in the future.

MonkerSolver is a GTO poker solver that can be downloaded for free or for a fee. It calculates GTO solutions for both NLHE and PLO and can be run on Windows or Mac machines with at least 8GB of RAM.

It also has an easy to use interface and a convenient way to test the program before making a purchase. It is recommended that you run a large number of simulations to determine the best strategy.

While there are other poker hand analysis software available, MonkerSolver is the most advanced and feature rich option on the market. It can help you determine what hands to bet in a certain situation, how frequently to do so and can even recommend sizings for different scenarios.

Advanced Poker Training

Advanced Poker Training is a learn-as-you-play poker training site where you play against lifelike AI opponents on their game software. You can play any starting hand over and over again to master strategies, test your range, and get feedback from a virtual adviser on every hand.

You can also play “Beat the Pro” challenges that have you going head-to-head against top pros in AI-simulated skills challenges to further push yourself.

The site has a huge library of resources and features that are added weekly to keep you learning and growing your game. Some of the features include a board reading tool, a series of training articles, and an odds chart.

Founded by Steve Blay, APT believes in the power of focused practice. While books and videos can be helpful, there is no substitute for real-life hand play.

Flop Falcon

Flop Falcon is an impressive piece of software that can be used to test and improve your poker IQ by simulating thousands of flops. The program does its job using a proprietary algorithm that combines data from a variety of sources. It also takes into account a myriad of factors that go into making any given hand a win. For example, the program is also able to weed out weak hands and make informed decisions about your opponent’s bluff level, all while using a relatively low amount of CPU power. Lastly, the program has a reasonably user-friendly interface that makes it a breeze to get up and running. It is not recommended for beginners who are new to poker, but it is an excellent option for intermediate players who have already mastered the fundamentals.


PokerRanger is a multi-tool piece of software that can carry out sophisticated range vs range analyses. It was created by poker coach Michael Voelkel and his fellow players who wanted all of the functionality they needed in one place.

PokerRanger also offers a variety of other features that can improve your game. It calculates expected value or fold equity in different lines, imports hand histories and more.

The program can handle many range vs range situations, including evaluating flop and turn equities for multiple players at once. It also evaluates equity on follow-up cards and displays the results in clear charts side-by-side.

It also allows you to set up standard GTO ranges for a variety of scenarios and learn how to use them to maximize your win rate. This is a tool that is well worth checking out.