Infrared Contact Lenses Poker

Infrared contact lenses poker is a great way to read marked cards. These lenses are comfortable and invisible to the naked eye. They are also less expensive than other marking card methods. You can purchase these contacts online from many retailers.

Unlike other types of contact lenses, these poker marks reading contacts do not need to be soaked in the contact solution. You should however follow the care instructions. These contact lenses can cause damage to your eyes if they are not properly cared for. You should only use them as instructed and make sure to store them properly.

These poker marks reading contact lenses are made using the latest sandwich technology and laser staining systems. The lens consists of three layers, and the middle layer is dyed with invisible ink. The luminous dye allows the user to see the number and suit on the back of the mark. These poker cheating lenses are designed to cover the pupil completely, avoiding the problem of autofocus under different lighting.

This type of contact lens can be used for any brand of luminous marked cards and works well with all types of marking playing cards. The only difference is that these lenses are a little darker than regular contacts. Nevertheless, they are still practical products for magic marked decks and poker cheating tricks.