Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked playing card have invisible marks on their backs. The markings on the back of these cards are not visible to the naked eye, however they can be seen with special lenses or glasses.

You can win all poker games using infrared marked cards. The Copag cards work best using infrared contact lenses as well as luminous sunglasses.

Infrared Ink

Infrared inks contain a special pigment that absorbs or reflects IR light. Ink can be read by a camera, monitor or any other device that can detect IR waves. Infrared ink technology is used to print security documents, such as transactions for credit cards as well as other documents. This ink is made from the combination of chemicals that are not toxic to the environment or to human health. It’s also less tinted than other brands and meets the ISO/IEC 7810 standard for transparency.

The invention described hereinabove relates to an offset lithographic ink for printing cards that is able to be read infrared wavelengths (780 nm and higher). Additionally the ink must be free from contaminants like volatile organic compounds and have physical, mechanical, and chemical compatibility with other printer inks. Additionally the ink must possess an extremely high absorption wavelength in Infrared as well as a low absorption wavelength for visible wavelengths.

Sandia scientists have developed an innovative ink formulation that obscures the image under normal lighting conditions, but shows the image when exposed infrared. The invisible ink is examined using a long-distance IR camera or a monitor. The ink when used with a camera hidden and an analyzer, may reveal marks on cards that can be employed to cheat at poker games.

Contact lenses with infrared light

The Infrared Contact lenses are a novel and ingenuous form of contact lens that lets the wearer view infrared beams. It is possible to select from a broad range of colors to choose the right lens for you. Infrared contact lenses can be used to mark cards or to play games that are easier. It’s essential to practice using them in a relaxed environment before you put them into an casino or another high-stakes setting. Infrared contacts can also be uncomfortable if you’ren’t comfortable wearing them.

To mark a card, an infrared marker should be placed at the back of the card. The markings are invisible to the naked eye however, they are able to be detected by cameras that have infrared detection. These devices are able to detect any mark on a deck of playing cards even if the mark is very small. IR marked decks are easy to understand, which is the reason the reason that many professional gamblers as well as card sharks make use of these decks.

The electronic lens platform prototype is based on off-the shelf assembled components and showcases the integration of on-board power and wireless switch for smart contact lens. The resulting assembly is currently too large to be able to comfortably fit into the eye, since the lens’s surface and the profile of the electronics device are not ideally aligned at the edges.

Infrared Camera Lenses

Infrared (IR) lenses are employed in digital cameras that are sensitive to infrared light. Infrared cameras, also referred to as thermal cameras or thermographs can record images that are not visible to the human eye. IR lenses can also be used in surveillance cameras and other applications where invisible information needs to be captured.

Infrared photography can be used for many purposes for remote sensing, as well as for forensics. For instance, it could be used to reveal hidden objects and people that may otherwise be impossible to discern with the naked eye. Infrared photographs are also utilized to create unique photographic effects. In an IR image, the tree’s green color appears lighter than a visible photo. This is because leaves are more able to absorb IR than the other colors of the spectrum.

IR images are also able to expose secrets in documents, such as the security markings hidden on the back of a $5 bill. The holograms can’t be seen by the naked eye, but can be seen by the use of a camera.

Photographs infrared can be difficult to capture, as silver halide emulsions do not typically sensitive to wavelengths that are longer than that of green or blue light. Certain digital cameras, however can be made to work with infrared photography simply by taking the blue and red channels from their Bayer filters. An infrared photo that is sharp requires the use of a tripod as well as a narrow aperture such as f/8 or lower. Though larger apertures can make for sharper pictures as well, diffraction tends to be more prominent at infrared wavelengths.

Infrared Copag Decks with Marked Decks

Infrared Copag marked decks are a type of poker card printed with invisible ink. The marks are not apparent to the naked eye or with IR contact lenses. However they are viewable by a special camera. They are extremely helpful for those who wish to cheat during games without fear of being in trouble. Contrary to other marking decks Marked cards from Copag IR are secure to utilize.

Infrared-cipher playing cards are treated with different methods to appear as regular cards. They are also branded with an image or mini-digit which makes them hard to be recognized by others. They are also used in different games such as magicians and poker.

These cards are typically disguised as clocks or cigarette case keys to prevent other people from suspecting that they are playing. They are utilized for a myriad of poker games as well as magic tricks and other tricks. IR Copag Cards are constructed from plastic and may be employed in conjunction with infrared lenses or luminescent-ink sunglasses.

Copag barcode-marked cards are like IR Copag marked cards, but they are marked with invisible marks that can only be recognized by a poker analyzer as well as a scanner for poker. These cards are popular among poker clubs and casino players however they can also be used at home for games and tournaments.