Magic the Gathering Card Scanner App

If you play Magic: the Gathering, a card scanner app can help you organize your collection, track prices, and trade cards. The best apps available for this job are easy-to-use and can be downloaded completely free.

MTG Manager – The Only App that Scans Cards for You

MTG Manager, the only app that scans cards on your behalf, is a popular MTG management tool. It offers card scanning, pricing, trading, organizing, and deck building, making it a one-stop-shop for managing your collection.

It’s simple to use too. Simply point your camera at a card, and then press “Scan”. The app will read the information. The app’s AI then will tell you its exact details, including how much it’s valued and how to sell it or trade it.

The app has a card editor and a clean and well-designed UI. There are tiles with thumbnails of scanned cards and a search box that allows you to locate a scanned card. You can even tap a tile to view its fields.

CamCard is the Only App That Scans Business Card For You

CamCard OCR software performed well in our tests. It was able to identify both English and non-English cards with only a few misread characters. The free version can scan and save information on up to 10 cards. However, a premium subscription costs $47 a year and includes unlimited card scanners, ad removal and exporting to Microsoft Excel, Salesforce CRM, and other features.

While it can recognize cards well, accuracy can vary depending how your camera is set-up and what’s in background. It’s also a little more finicky than some of the other apps, and won’t work as well if the cards you’re trying to scan are in shades of brown or green.

Wantedly People – The Only App That Scans Your Business Card

Wantedly People, a free alternative for ABBYY or CamCard, is a great choice. It can identify non-English cards much more accurately and saves the URL to any website you visit automatically (but only if you scan a single business card in an image).

You can also scan cards in sleeves or binder format using the scanner. It’s fast, accurate, and a good option if you’re a busy professional who needs to quickly identify your contacts.

Sansan: The Only App Which Scans & Uploads Your Business Cards

Sansan is our top pick for corporations and large organizations. It can be used by a team to scan, upload and share business cards seamlessly. There are also a suite of customer and contact management tools that will help you stay on top of your network.

It’s available for iOS and Android, and it’s free to try. The annual fee is charged for larger companies but it’s adfree.

ScanBizCard can be used by individuals to maximize your networking opportunities and reduce time. It’s especially helpful for those who attend lots of events and need to quickly record their contact information. Its optical character recognition technology is 60 times faster than manual entry and it saves users an average of 123 minutes a month.