Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Marked cards contact lenses, also called IR/UV ink eye contacts, are special contact lens which can see invisible ink marks on the back of marked playing card clearly under different light. These infrared contacts lenses are extremely popular among poker players and magicians.

These specialized contact lenses are processed with the personalized chemical potion (luminous ink), and they can detect the given infra-red wave band. With these invisible-ink contact lenses, you will be able to see the back number, suit, and even the eyes of your opponents. In addition, you can keep your original eyes color while wearing these infrared contact lenses.

Unlike other luminous ink contact lenses on the market, our infrared contact lenses use the latest Sandwich Technology. This technology has 3 layers, and the infrared luminous ink filter is inserted into the inter layer. This design protects the eyes directly from the staining materials and ensures you won’t experience any discomfort or irritation when wearing the lenses.

Our IR lenses come in a variety of colors to match your eye color. You can choose 9mm IR lenses for black or dark eyes. They are large enough to allow you to read the cards clearly. For light eyes, we suggest choosing 6mm IR contact lenses, which is small enough to fit in your eyes without changing their color. Both types of IR lenses are oxygen permeable and can last for a long period of time.