Marked Cards Lenses

Marked cards lenses are specially designed contact lenses to see invisible marks on the back of marked cards. They have a small purplish filter built into them and can be worn under normal light, but are able to detect the luminous markings on the back of cards that are invisible to the naked eye. These contacts are the most effective and discreet way to read marked cards.

These contacts are also thin and comfortable to wear, which makes them easy to use in poker games. They are made of transparent material and have a black part in the center, which is a little darker than your eyes’ natural color so that it won’t draw any attention from other players or people around you. If you are going to buy these contact lenses, it is important to choose a good manufacturer so that they can provide you with high-quality products that won’t damage your eyes.

There are different types of marked playing card lenses available, including IR/UV, shade, and juice. These lenses have a special function that can see invisible ink marks on the back of a card under different lights, and are used to help players win at a variety of poker game events. These lenses can be divided into different types based on the size of the user’s eyes and their eye color. Unlike ordinary contact lenses, marked cards contacts should not change the user’s original eye color after wearing them.