Marked Cards Visualization Contact Lenses

Marked Cards Visualization Contact Lenses is a type of contact lenses that can read invisible markings on the back of a poker card. The lenses have small purplish filters built into them that, when inserted into the eye, transform your vision into a dark purplish light and make it easy to see luminous invisible markings on a deck of cards.

Using the latest sandwich technology and laser dyeing systems, our contact lenses to see marked playing cards are safe to wear for any eye color and blend in well with your natural eyesight. The black part of the lens is just a little darker than normal, so it won’t change your eye color and will be hard for people to notice unless they are really close up.

We offer a variety of different types of invisible ink playing card markings including juice-marking, tint work, block-out and shade work. Each type of marking has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all give you the ability to read a marked deck of cards without being noticed by other players or spectators.

These invisible marks can be seen in bright light or in dim lighting, and they can be read from across the room with a clear view of the deck. This is an advantage over other methods of reading back marked cards, such as a luminous or juice mark that needs to be read from afar or with a filtered pair of sunglasses.