Marked Deck Playing Cards

When it comes time to mark playing cards on decks it is essential to ensure that your markings are easy to read and appear natural. This is difficult to do with the more precise methods of marking the cards like tintwork or juice marks.

The best method to achieve this is with a pre-prepared marker system. The best option is Penguin Magic’s reader deck. It features a an extremely innocent Bicycle Maiden back design and offers instructional videos as well as great routine ideas.

How to protect yourself from becoming a victim of an opponent

If you suspect that a deck might be marked it’s typically okay to request a fresh one – but only if you’re confident that the individuals controlling the game aren’t on it. If you ask for a new deck, players likely respond with hostility.

The most effective option to protect yourself against such a crime is to get a large card protector that you use every when you play. It will make it much harder for your opponent to sneak a smaller card into your hand without noticing. This will help you avoid typical cheating techniques like pot-slamming or angle-shooting.

It’s also possible to discuss marked cards with a tinier level of key when the topic comes up. Except for those who have been on a secret before, most people have witnessed ZERO marks on their cards throughout their lifetime and they will think they’re discussing a trick that doesn’t use these cards. It will prevent them from becoming paranoid and thinking that every game is fake. It’ll also give them a chance to avoid this subject entirely and not build their expectations too high.

Perform Card Tricks With Marked Decks

Marked decks are an excellent tool for magicians of all kinds. A marked deck can be used to perform’miracles.’ This is impossible with ordinary decks. It also provides protection in the event that your magic routine doesn’t follow the plan. But, you must be discerning about when and when you utilize a deck with gimmicky features, and pick only those techniques which make use of the markings.

A marked deck of playing cards is typically a set of concealed markers that the magician can see by glancing at the reverse side. The marks may be very delicate and blend seamlessly with the design of the card. For instance, the back of a card could have a pattern that indicates its worth or suitability. Cards may be marked with intricate patterns or symbols which can be difficult to interpret without having a solid knowledge of card magic.

It’s best to begin with a reader deck that has been printed factory-style like Penguin Magic’s “Bicycle Marked Cards”. They are poker-sized cards made of Bicycle Elite stock, meaning that they’re smooth to handle and a traditional cut. Two downloads are included, which will teach you some great ways to play with this deck. When you’re confident with the deck that has been marked It is now time to play around with other marked cards. There are plenty of online resources to help you learn the possibilities of marking decks.

Use Marked Decks for Magic Routines

Certain marked decks contain instructional videos that help you understand the markings and give you ideas for routines. Penguin Magic’s Marked Cards, for example includes two great tutorial videos that highlight great card trick ideas by Rick Lax and Jon Armstrong. There are many other books which offer tips for tricks and teaching you how to utilize a particular marked deck. Hidden in Plain Sight, by Kirk Charles and Boris Wild is one of the best. However it requires you to learn a specific reading system. It is also able to be used by those markings.

Certain magicians design their own cards with marked markings using DIY systems. But, this can be very labor intensive and requires some knowledge. The most straightforward way to accomplish this is by buying a factory-printed reader deck that has a clearly readable marking system. They can be decks with an Bicycle Maiden design on the back, or they may be over-the-top and have 3D glasses that allow you to identify the marks from the distance.

Many magicians worry that they’ll be caught by their viewers when they perform with a marked deck, however this is the same as worrying about being taken in by any other gimmick or sleight of hand technique. If they employ a careful approach to audience management and only divulge the mark if there’s a compelling need to reveal it they will find that it’s extremely rare for the audience to be able to get to the secret.

Make use of marked decks for Magic Tricks

Marked decks can be a great tool to enhance many card tricks. If you are able to discern the identity of a particular card, you can use that information to help you master the cards when performing a trick, or even make them appear in an unexpected manner.

The mark you choose to use should be visible to magicians, but hard to spot by viewers. The mark should be placed in a way which is suitable to the trick you’re performing. For instance, if you’re working with a deck of Bicycle-branded cards, and your marker system is based on reading designs on the back, your markings should be located in a place that appears like the Bicycle logo on the back of the card.

Certain magicians design their own marked decks with readers or codes marks, however this is often time consuming and requires the expertise of a magician who is a pro. The purchase of a professionally-made marked deck is typically more convenient and economical, and will save you the hassle of having to purchase your own cards.

Some magicians fear using marked cards since they believe that it increases the likelihood of being spotted by the spectators. This risk is just as any other gimmick, or sleight-ofhand trick. All depends on the way you conduct your audience as well as the technique and how natural it is within your routine.