Poker Cheating Devices – Luminous Ink

It is an ink which can be made invisible until revealed by light, chemicals or other means. It is used to mark playing cards with hidden marks that only someone wearing special glasses can see. This ink is used to mark various things, including secret messages and notes that are only readable by people with the right kind glasses.

Amongst the many poker cheating gadgets, luminous ink sunglasses are among the most popular. These glasses look like regular sunglasses and are therefore difficult to detect by others. These glasses are suitable for poker games or magic shows and won’t attract too much attention. It is important to consider the appearance of these luminous glasses. They should not appear too bright or shiny in order to work correctly.

There are several types luminous ink lenses, but the most popular is a red-filter lens that allows you to read the invisible markings at the back of the cards. This version of luminous ink glasses is usually available for all eye colors and can be worn by men or women. This card-reading device is perfect for those who are interested in practicing poker or magic tricks but do not wish to draw attention.

Another option is a UV invisible ink reading glasses, which are similar to the luminous ink glasses, but do not have the need for a red filter. They are easy to use by men and women of all eye colors.