The Marked Deck

The marked deck will make any card magician’s job easier. The marked deck will allow you to make your existing tricks stronger and provide you with additional opportunities.

A marked deck of cards is a deck that has been printed with invisible marks. These markings allow you to read a hidden code, message or pattern that is printed on the back. The performer will know which cards are in a deck and what order they’re in. They can also tell which suit and value the card is. It is time-consuming for magicians to mark their own decks with this type of coding system.

It’s important to keep in mind that cheating is a crime, and you will be caught. It’s best to use a marked card deck only for entertainment and not for card games that can be used as a betting tool.

The best marked decks for magic are ones that look natural and have a simple reading system that is easy to read from a distance. Phoenix Cards and Cohort Card are two decks that have this feature and are highly regarded by the magic community. A great reference for these kinds of decks is Hidden in Plain Sight by Kirk Charles and Boris Wild, and a classic on the subject is Ted Lesley’s Working Performer’s Marked Deck Manual (1983). This feature is also included in the new DMC Elites Deck, by Drummond MoneyCoutts & Phil Smith.