Winning With Marked Deck of Cards

A deck that is properly marked can be a powerful tool for magic using cards. The skeptics might want to stay clear of them but, just like any other gaff, they can help with certain tricks.

However, a deck marked can only work miracles when it is a well constructed trick and good technique. Make sure that the markings be subtle enough to avoid suspicion.

Product Introduction

A deck of cards marked appears like an ordinary deck to the untrained eye, but it has subtle markings or codes that could be used by card magicians or sharps to recognize the worth and suit of a particular card. It allows them to cheat in gambling games or perform tricks. However, using marked decks is illegal and unprofessional. However, there are many other reasons to use these cards for example, teaching magic or making certain games more enjoyable. The decks that are marked can also be used to test a spectator’s reaction to a trick.

There are a variety of marked decks available such as those that employ barcode scanners, contact lenses, or invisible coded marking systems. These decks are marked with special contact lenses, sunglasses or smartphones apps. Decks marked with contact lenses are the most popular and are available in different colors and designs. One of the most well-known is the Brooklyn Playing Cards, which has a shaded printing system that can be read from the distance or in low light. Sharps by LPCC is an underlying marking system based upon David Blaine’s White Lions cards, is another option. Boris Wild’s method of marking decks is highly regarded, and is taught in his book Hidden in Plain Sight (2001). The notes for the lecture Transparency (2012) contain an updated version of this information.

Whether you are a beginner in the art of card magic or a professional magician There is a marked deck that is suitable for your requirements. The trick is to use tricks that do not reveal the markings. Treat the deck like an ordinary one. If you do this, your audience won’t be able to discern that you are using the card marked with marks and will be more inclined to believe in your deceit.

If you are looking for a marked deck that looks normal and doesn’t attract attention, think about the Marked Maiden Back Deck. This deck of Bicycle cards comes with simple reader markings that can be read by anyone, however they are invisible to those who don’t know where they are. It includes a set of free instructional videos by Rick Lax and Jon Armstrong, making it an excellent option for novice magicians.


Marked decks are the most common in the arsenals of both magicians and cheats. They’re not just an expression of humanity’s fascination with deceit and illusion but they continue delight and amaze with their mind-boggling effects.

Marked decks are an type of playing card that has subtle markings that are designed to aid cheaters or magicians in determining the identity of a card, even in dim lighting or from some distance. The markings are nebulous and range from tiny dots to scratches on the back of cards. A more specific marked deck is utilized by cheaters. It makes use of shading technology to highlight certain areas of the cards so that only they are able to be able to see the marks. This kind of deck is often referred to as a “juice” deck and is difficult to identify under normal lighting conditions.

A large portion of custom decks that are made today are marked but they’re not meant to be used for magic. They’re merely a fun thing to look at. However, there are certain decks with markings which were created with serious card magic in mind. These decks are marked with an electronic reading system that makes it easier for magicians and tricksters to recognize the card.

Most marked decks are designed using one of two systems in mind: a reader system or a coded system. The reader system lets you examine the back of cards and read the markings. This will reveal what the card is. A coded system on the other hand is based on other clues to identify the card.

A well-constructed marked deck can yield amazing effects, but it’s important to remember that the deck of marked cards is only as good as the magician who utilizes it. To produce a miracle it is necessary to use a smooth hand and technique along with a solid trick design, and a captivating presentation. Using a marked deck to make mistakes made by spectators is cheating, and although it can work in some cases but it’s not a good idea in front of an audience.


A marked deck is a deck of cards that has subtle markings which are not visible with the naked eye. These marks can be used by a magician or a cheater to determine the value and suit of a deck that allows the player to make tricks and manipulate games. However using marking a deck to cheat in a card or casino game is illegal and unprofessional, and casinos have methods of spotting it.

Marked decks can be classified into two types: reader systems and coded systems. Reader systems are more obvious than coded systems and operate by allowing the player to see the back of cards. For example, a card that is a 4 of Clubs would include the number “4” printed on its back. These types of decks marked with numbers are generally user-friendly, but they carry a higher probability of being spotted by casinos or players.

Coded systems are more subtle, and they rely on other indicators to indicate the suit and value of the cards. The marked deck created by Theodore De Land is one of the most popular. It was first released over 100 years ago, and remains in circulation today under names such as “DeLand’s Original $100 deck”.

It is essential to purchase an marked deck that is of top quality and has an effective system. A well-marked deck should also appear like a normal deck to be able to withstand scrutiny from both spectators and magicians. It should also have ample markings in order that the magician can easily see them at a glance.

Some magicians fear they’ll be caught when they use a marked deck, however this isn’t true. Many professional magicians use marked decks and have not been arrested. It is important to have a well constructed magic routine and to manage your audience carefully. If you are careful and your trick is interesting to watch, your audience won’t suspect that you have a marked deck.


The deck of marked playing cards can be a useful tool for magicians or a mentalist. It can be used for many different effects and could even help you save your trick when things go wrong.

To use a marked deck, it is necessary to know the kind of effect you’d like to create. There are marked decks at reputable magician shops. They come in two varieties:

The first is the “reader” deck that is marked. It’s printed with invisible markings which indicate the value and suit of the cards from various angles. This is the most well-known kind of marked deck that you’ll find in shops selling magic. It’s easy to use once you’ve learned how to read the markings.

Coded decks are an additional type of marked deck. They employ invisible codes or clues to identify which deck you’re viewing from different angles. This is a more intricate method of marking that can be difficult to read but can be extremely useful in certain tricks. Coded decks are generally sold by gambling establishments, or by individuals who create them by using luminous liquids or other methods.

Both marked decks are extremely beneficial to magicians and can be used in many different routines. You should select a book or video that comes along with your deck, so that you are able to read the deck and incorporate the markings into your performances.

The book Hidden in Plain Sight by Kirk Charles and Boris Wild is a good place to start. However, there are other books that can provide basic advice like Ted Lesley’s Working Performer’s Marked deck Manual (1983). If you want to see how it appears it is used, take a look at the Youtube videos of TAGSMagic who provides a great example of how to create your own marking deck at home.