Wizard of Odds Video Poker Analyzer Review

This free video poker analyzer enables you to quickly calculate the expected return for your favorite game. It also gives you hand analysis for a wide range of games, including Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and more.

The wizard of odds video poker analyzer identifies the basic strategy and tries to group plays of the same type together that do not conflict with one another.

Game selection

The wizard of odds video poker app is a veritable fountain of knowledge. This app has the honor of being home to a whopping 18 different games, with an eye catching number of variations to choose from in any given session. It also comes with a nifty array of freebies, such as a free game of roulette, and a nifty little trophy if you’re lucky. This is a no brainer for anyone with a taste for online gambling and a tad of patience, not to mention a budget. The aforementioned 18 games are supplemented by a smattering of live and virtual roulette tables and a host of boozed up online slots.

Hand selection

The wizard of odds video poker analyzer is a free tool that you can use to learn the proper strategy for any video poker game. It’s a Java-based program that will analyze your hand and paytable in seconds.

There are two features in the wizard of odds video poker analyzer: a free strategy advisor and a hand analyzer. The former is enabled by clicking on the “Warn on strategy errors” box above your screen.

This feature enables a pop-up window to appear when there is a better choice concerning the cards you have selected to hold. The hand analyzer kicks-off by engaging the ANALYZE button on the control panel; it then enables another pop-up window that gives you a full statistical overview of all options available to you, based on your current hand.

The control strip is simple and in line with other games at our website; it consists of a set of controls, wagering values, and available bankroll info (all neatly inscribed with Wizard of Odds visuals). To quickly navigate through the five bets (one to five credits per hand), click on BET ONE at the bottom-left corner, or BET MAX when you prefer to take the highest bet possible.

Pay table

The wizard of odds video poker analyzer is a free tool that will tell you everything from your expected return to the best hand of poker. It comes complete with 18 different games to choose from, as well as an extra coins feature that allows you to play more than five hands at a time on special modes like level up, multi-strike, and quick quads. The best part is that you can use it as a learning tool by playing for practice credits and seeing how much your skill levels increase over time. The app also features a handy table of winning poker hand combinations and strategies for each game, making it the perfect place to start your video poker journey.

The wizard of odds video poker analyzer is designed to be a cinch to use and will prove to be an invaluable tool for players of all skill levels. It has been dubbed the best video poker review site around by several industry experts, so make sure to check it out when you next plan on hitting the poker tables.


The wizard of odds video poker analyzer is a great tool to help you learn the optimal strategy for any game of video poker. It can calculate the expected return for any pay table and even recalculate your strategy when you adjust the pay table.

It does this by looping through 134,459 different kinds of starting hands and calculating the probability and return for each. It then computes the strategy that returns the highest expected value.

If a particular play is not in the basic strategy, it will be added to a list of exceptions with examples of the types of hands where the exception applies. For example, Suited King-Ten in 8/5 Bonus Poker would not appear in the basic strategy, but it does show up on the list of exceptions with examples of where this type of play can be better than holding only the King.

This algorithm is extremely powerful and allows for a near optimal strategy to be computed in seconds. This strategy can be used to guide your play for any of the 18 video poker games offered by the wizard of odds website.