CVK 500 Phone Cheating Device For Gambling

The CVK 500 device is a mobile phone-based cheating device that has the ability to scan invisible bar-code markings that are visible on marked cards. It can be used to cheat in many poker games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 Cards and Omaha 5 Cards.

Scanner Camera Lens

The scanner camera lens of the cvk500 device can scan marked cards and report results to users within less than a minute. It can work with all kinds of poker games, including Teen Patti, Khich Patta, Mang-Patti, Blackjack, Rummy, Mau-Mau Andar-Bahar Flash and Bridge etc.

The cvk500 analyzer is equipped with high-definition image recognition software, which increases the accuracy of image recognition. The analyzer will report game results more quickly, more accurately and more reliably. It also has two original video image transmission functions including a 2-4G analog transmission function and a newer one that enables one digital transmission function.

This device can be used to spy on marked playing cards at poker tables. It works with all kinds of wireless scanner cameras. The scanner camera can scan all the marked cards and send the information to the player using a wireless earpiece. It is extremely simple to operate and can be operated by anyone.

Wallet Camera

The cvk 500 device features several cool features like two cameras for scanning that are smack dab in the middle of the wallet. They’re also completely hidden, so they can be carried around without being scrutinized. They can be hidden in your belt or placed in your pocket.

Two cameras are always available so that you can switch the cameras on and off in a matter of minutes. This lets you have a better read if you need to scan additional cards. In fact, the cvk 500 device can read barcode marked cards from as far away as 24cm-48cm and the camera can be set to scan left to right or top to bottom. It requires some technical expertise to make it work but the outcome will be worth it.

Car Key Marked Cards Scanner Device

The CVK 500’s car key marked cards scanner device is a fantastic cheating tool in poker that can help you win. This device is compatible with the most current generation of AKK or CVK mobile analyzers and will aid in increasing your winning chances.

It is a high-tech device that uses an electron poker camera lens to read barcode-coded cards. The poker analyzer receives the scanned information and tells you who has won. It takes only 0.3 seconds for the analyzer to determine the winning hand, which is quite fast when compared to reading a regular poker card.

In addition to the lens for the electron poker camera this device also has a micro camera that can be specialized to offer various scanning distances, and a tiny earpiece to deliver the message. It can be utilized with various poker analyzers such as AKK, CVK, PK King and many others.

cvk 500 Mobile Power Bank Cheating Cards Scanner Device

The CVK 500 device, a mobile cheating card scanner looks just like a regular smart phone. It can be used to make calls and message, surf the web, and for many other purposes. It can also scan hidden barcodes that are hidden on a marked playing cards clearly and quickly, which can help you win in poker.

It’s comprised of two mini scanners which are connected to an energy bank. This makes it difficult for anyone to determine that it is a cheating device. It will scan your opponent’s cards and transmit the data to you through an earpiece that is wireless. It’s just like an actual power bank.

This power bank camera is a top external camera that is ideal for various poker analyzers, as its speed and scanning distance are both superior to other power banks. It is suitable for a wide range of situations such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat.

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