Bicycle Maiden Professionally Marked Playing Cards

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Size:Poker size
Index:Regular Index and Jumbo Index
Color:Red & Blue

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This deck is marked with the Bicycle Maiden back, which is a very common and classic design. The deck is printed and made by USPCC and features the classic Bicycle paper, with an air cushion finish. The decks come in both red and blue with the classic Bicycle style tuck boxes. Our markings are big and visible but fully integrated into pattern of card. This difficult dimension is like searching for a hidden chameleon in a large forest.
The mark reveals the number of pips and the card. You can find the card by simply looking at the back of the card. A deck of Bicycle maiden marked cards will help you become a magician. If you own a deck of Bicycle Maiden marked cards, you can perform hundreds of tricks.

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