Car key scanning camera casino cheating devices

Items:Car key barcode marked cards scanner



Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show


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This digital car key will help you to lock your vehicle, open the cards and keep you warm when someone is trying steal your car. It can also help you to win at poker.

How does it help you win? You can turn off and on the electron scanning camera that is embedded in your car key at any time. You can use it by placing it against the edge of the marked barcode cards. After it scans them, it sends the scanning image to a poker predictor who will analyze the barcode images. Finally, the poker prediction will tell you the winner through a tiny receiving earpiece. You can choose to only receive information about the first poker player or the entire group. You can set the rules to suit your needs.

Battery life is approximately 2 hours for this car key scanner. If the battery runs out, you can replace it. This car key digital scan battery is so small that it’s easy to carry.

Why not try your luck? This car key scanner will make you enjoy the game.

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