Faisan Spanish Marked Poker Cards with Invisible Ink Markings

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Origin Faisan Spanish Poker Cards are manufactured by Mexico Company, but they are still the playing cards that are associated with Spain. The decks are usually 40 or 48 cards and have four suits. The deck is more similar to the Italian deck than the French one. Spanish-suited playing cards are popular in Spain, Southern Italy, France, Hispanic America and North Africa. Skilled poker trick staff use authentic Faisan poker decks to add invisible ink markings that can indicate the card suits and numbers on the back of each poker. The mark is invisible UV light that is not visible to the naked eyes. To read the marks, you need a luminous reader such as the marked cards contacts lenses.
Both magicians and poker players can benefit from Faisan Spanish Cheating Poker Cards with Invisible Markings. This poker trick is popular because of its low price and great marking technique.

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