KEM Paisley Cheat Poker with Luminous Markings

Items:KEM marked deck of cards

Material:100% Plastic
Color:Red / Blue / Gold / Black
Size:Wide Size / Narrow Size
Marking:UV / IR / Barcode
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Casino Cheat

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Are you looking for the best marked cards with invisible ink for poker? The KEM Paisley invisible ink marked cards are luminous and can be seen clearly through infrared lenses or sunglasses. This is useful for poker games at casinos or magic shows.

KEM cards are a favorite of many professional casinos, and they have become a standard for casinos because of their quality. The marked KEM Paisley plastic cards may be a little more expensive, but they are loved by many people around the world. Not only poker players love them, but so do magicians, as it is worth investing. The material used to make marked KEM Paisley Cards is 100 percent cellulose, which is flexible, strong and resistant to scuffs. The KEM Paisley cards can be washed if they become dirty.

Our luminous ink marked KEM Paisley Poker cards for infrared contacts usually come in a two-deck set, one red and the other blue. They also include a protective black plastic carrying case. To increase the longevity of your KEM Paisley marked ink poker decks, it is important to consider how you store them.

Do you understand the magic behind our KEM Paisley invisible-ink marked cards now that you have read this? Here is a more detailed KEM Marked Cards review. Our website has a wide range of options, whether you are looking for the KEM Paisley marked or other brands’ invisible-ink marked cards. You can also find barcode marked cards to use with poker analyzers or IR marked playing card.

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