New AKK model Iphone 11 poker scanner analyzer

Items:AKK poker winner system

Analyzer brand:AKK
phone brand:Iphone
Material:Plastic and metal
Scanning Distance:20-40cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Omaha & Texas Holdem Poker & Baccarat&Blackjack

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IPhone 11 AKK Poker Winner Analyzer is a cheating playing cards device that allows the user to get the result of the poker game before placing a wager. It can tell the user the result of any poker game, whether it is Texas Holdem or BlackJack. The user can get the results in a second as long as the scanner is placed within scanning distance of the barcode-marked cards.

When selecting a card analyzer, many poker players are very particular about two factors. The first is the scanning distance. In general, each playing cards scanner detector has a certain scanning distance. You can choose from different scanning distances such as 20-40 cm or 25-45cm. The scanning distance for the IPhone AKK poker analyzer is 20-40cm. You can select a distance range that suits your needs. The poker information will be sent to you via small earpieces, or Bluetooth one-to-one earphones as long as it is within the scanning range. There is also no doubt about the accuracy of the analyzing.

The second is the usage time. When the battery is out of charge you will need to use a USB cable to recharge it. It is convenient that the IPhone AKK poker analyzer battery can be replaced. It is possible to use the device at any time, even if it’s not charged. You just need to change the battery.

This card scanner system has a dynamic scanning camera, which is one of its most important features. This means that it can detect barcodes on cards as they move, such as when the dealer is shuffling them.

We can also customize the language, color and scanning distance of this poker hand analyser to suit your needs. We also sell other poker cheat products, such as marked cards, infrared lenses, poker cameras, cheating dice, etc. Explore our store.

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