The Most Durable Plastic KEM Stargazer Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Items:KEM marked deck of cards


Material:100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic

Size:Bridge size

Deck:2 decks one set with jumbo index

Application:Magic Shows & Casino Games

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KEM Stargazer poker cards are KEM original cards that have invisible ink printed on the back. After being marked with colorless, odorless invisible ink on KEM Stargazer cards, there is no change. The invisible card markings can only be seen by cheaters wearing marked deck contact lens and luminous glasses.

Customers may wonder why KEM playing cards like KEM Stargazer Plastic are more expensive than other cards brands such as Copag Poker Cards and Modiano Playing Cards. Each KEM card contains 100% cellulose-acetate plastic. KEM Plastic Poker is not made of vinyl, the raw material that all other plastic poker card manufacturers use. KEM Plastic Poker cards are the only ones in the world made from cellulose acetate. KEM cards are durable and can withstand wear and tear. KEM cards are designed to last longer, shuffle better, and deal so that you’ll never want anything else. KEM Plastic Playing Card lasts longer than any other plastic card and more than 100x longer than paper cards.

KEM Stargazer playing cards can also be processed into barcode marked plastic cards for use with poker analyzer. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about KEM marked playing cards.


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