TNK iPhone XS scanner analyzer

Items:Texas Scanning System


Color:Black & white

Material: Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:20-30cm, 30-40cm

Shipping:send within 2 business days

Delivery Time:3-5 business days

Application:Poker Games & Blackjack Games & Magic Shows

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TNK iPhone XS will be the new smart phone cover for poker hand scanner analyzers by 2020.

Innovation and technology are advancing at a rapid pace. The Iphone upgrade led to the creation of the TNK iPhone XS scan analyzer. The TNK iPhone XS scanner analyzer’s appearance can help poker players.

Are you concerned about the security or efficiency of a scanning analyzer when selecting one? You will find that the new TNK iPhone XS Scanner Analyzer is your best option.

TNK iPhone XS has a small and lightweight design. TNK scanner analyzer is based on this device and it’s very portable. The iPhone XS scan analyzer has the same basic functions as a mobile phone. It can be used to send and receive messages, access the Internet, or make phone calls. You will be surprised by its special features. The TNK scanner analyzer comes with a game system that can be used to set up information regarding the game. A miniature camera is located inside the scanner analyzer that can scan barcodes on cards very quickly. The host will then broadcast the important results using a mini headset based on the data received. It has a higher recognition capability and broadcast speed compared to other scanning analyzers.

TNK iPhone XS scanning analyzers can scan from 20-30cm to 25-35cm. They also have 30-40cm scanners, 40-50cm scanners, and 50-60cm scanners. Customers will receive iPhone XS scanner analyzers in black and white. The scanning distance and color are customizable. We guarantee that the iPhone XS looks exactly like the real thing, can fool the public, and is very secure. Our products are also reasonably priced, and offer great value.

We will be provided with TNK digital earbuds if we purchase our TNK iPhone XS Scanner Analyzer. If you are interested or have questions, please contact us.


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