A Plus Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards for Infrared Contact Lenses

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Available Color:green & brown & red & blue
Size:poker size & bridge size
Index:standard index
Material:100% plastic

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American Gaming Supply is sole distributor of A Plus Plastic Playing Cards for Southern California. These are the thickest plastic cards on the market. A-Plus cards are used in several California cardrooms, including Commerce Casino and Morongo Casino. They are also popular among dealers and dealer trainees.

The A Plus marked cards are intended for magic tricks and cheating poker. Invisible ink is the latest cheating poker technology. It’s a special ink which cannot be seen by humans. Poker manufacturers use this invisible ink to mark the back of poker cards to benefit players. The marked card holder can see the markings in a clear and secret way if he/she wears IR contact lenses. You would not be able to tell that you were performing tricks. Your cards and eyes are both common.

The A Plus invisible ink contact lenses for poker cards will be the best assistant for both magicians and poker players. Do not hesitate to get one.


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