Bee Standard Index Playing Cards with Card Marking

Items:Bee luminous marked cards

Color: red, blue

Size: poker size (63*88mm)

Material: plastic coated paper material

Contents: 52 cards+2 jokers+1 guarantee card

Application: poker trick, magic show, home entertainment

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Bee is known for its excellent quality. The Ace of Spades has 92 because it was first produced in 1892. The back of the standard index cards from Bee has a diamond-borderless design.

We processed Bee standard index cards in a traditional visible manner, unlike invisible ink marked playing cards. There are five main visible marking methods: dot or strip, long line, short line, hieroglyphics, and color. We do not print cards with invisible ink. The backs of the cards are directly altered.

Take strip as an example. Strips can be used with some diamond backs. The original strips are changed to a different thickness. Different numbers are represented by different thick strips at different locations. This method can be used to show suits. These marks are not only visible but also very small. The marks are not visible to other players unless they examine the cards with Bee standard index inch by inch. With confidence, you can use Bee standard index cheating playing cards to win poker games.

You can also customize your own Bee standard index marked poker cards if you do not want to use the marking methods.

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