Bicycle Standard Index Marked Decks for Magic Trick

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Color:blue & red
Size:poker size(2. 5 * 3. 5 inches)
Index:standard index

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When did you first learn to play card games? What about winning an old-fashioned solitaire game? What about the holiday tradition of Gin Rummy? Since 1885, playing cards from Bicycle have been part of the household game. The Bicycle index marked decks are designed to be used for magic tricks. They have a rich history and superior quality. Some patterns on the backs of the cards have been subtly modified using original imported Bicycle decks. You can see subtle differences on the cards if you look at them closely and with seriousness. The color of the upper left corner on the first card may be tinted light. However, the color at the bottom right corner could be slightly darker. The complex patterns on the Bicycle decks are also easily transformed into hieroglyphics so it’s harder to recognize them.
You don’t even need a reader that reads invisible or luminous ink. All you need is good eyesight and patience. Practice makes perfect. You need to practice in order to be able recognize the card quickly.

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