High-quality Bicycle 808 Cheating Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Mark

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Available Color:red & blue
Size:poker size
Index:standard index

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Copag Pinochle plastic decks are made of high-quality PVC and come in two decks. These cards are not transparent, waterproof and very durable. It is internationally recognized for its unique formula that ensures smooth handling. Copag sets should last between 20 and 50 times as long as regular paper cards.

Copag Pinochle marked plastic cards with invisible ink imported from Copag Pinochle are finely processed. It is possible to bust the old methods of making marked cheating cards. The newest method is invisible ink, which can’t be detected without the use of a red filter. The invisible ink marks on the backs of poker cards can only be seen by wearing UV lenses or sunglasses.

Copag Pinochle contact lenses are not harmful and will not alter the color of your eyes. UV sunglasses are usually disguised to look like the usual sunglasses. They can be stylish and fashionable. Copag Pinochle Plastic Poker with invisible ink can be used for casino games such as Baccarat, Texas Holdem etc. Copag decks have a great reputation and are frequently the first choice of players.

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