Cheating Vegas luminous juice playing cards

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Color:Red / Blue / Gold / Black
Size:Poker Size
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Supply Ability:1000 Decks Per Month
Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games

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We can mark all types of playing cards including Vegas plastic cards.

Vegas plastic playing card can be purchased in Wal-Mart and other markets in many countries. Vegas cards have a double V on the back and a small lattice pattern all the way around the edge. Vegas cards are made of 100% plastic, making them thicker than paper cards. However, they are still thinner and more slippery.

Red Vegas plastic cards can be used for poker devices or magic cheating tricks. They are ideal for magic shows because they are cheaper and more slipper than other cards.

We sell a variety of poker accessories, including a cards shuffler. The color of the plastic cards is red, but they also come in a slightly orange shade.

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