Copag Export Cheating Playing Cards Invisible Marked Ink Personalized

Items:Copag best marked deck

Color:Red / Black

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size 2.5″ X 3.5″

Application:Magic Tricks / Home Playing


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Copag Export are 100% plastic cards. It will last you for many years. Copag Export cards are designed with the numbers and pips at the four corners. This makes it easier to see the card when it is face down. Marked cards can help you win at poker.

Some light is visible and some is invisible. IR is invisible light. Infrared is also classified into near-infrared (NIR) and far-infrared (FIR). Poker marked cards and poker infrared cameras can both be used to apply the Infrared. The cards can be changed from the standard Copag Export to Copag Export made cards. Infrared cameras can detect the marked cards, so they can be seen like playing cards.

IR lenses have a wide range of uses. They can be used for IR corresponding special purposes or as a regular lens. The special infrared cameras can be used in different situations with the normal infrared cameras.

Near Infrared is widely used in poker, and many manufacturers have mastered the technique. Far-infrared is used to mark playing cards one to one. Other poker cameras cannot detect the marked cards. Only your own poker camera can.


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