Dal Negro Grand Slam magic playing cards

Items:Dal Negro marked juice cards

Brand:Dal Negro

Processed Method:IR/UV ink


Color:Blue/ Red/ Green/ Grey

Size:Poker size with jumbo index

Application:Casino Games & Magic Tricks

Deliver Time:2-3 working days

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The purpose of perspective marked cards is to help players win the game. The demand for perspective marked cards increases as more and more players discover their usefulness in the game. Our main product is our perspective marked cards.

The perspective invisible material can be used to mark the Dal Negro Grand Slam Jumbo 2-PIP playing cards. The PVC used in this brand is of high quality. Dal Negro Grand Slam cards come in 4 colors: red, blue and green. The marks are usually determined by the color of back design. Blue decks are usually marked in the middle with large font numbers. On the corners of red decks and other lighter color designs, small font is usually used.

All playing cards can have their markings changed to UV marked, IR marked, one-on-one far infrared marked, green light marked, and blue light marked.


Colors: Red, blue, grey, and green

Size: 58mm*88mm

Index: Jumbo 2PIP

Material: 100% Plastic

Decks: 1

Markings: UV, IR, far IR, Green light, Blue light


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