Marked Bicycle Prestige cheating playing cards

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Color:Red / Blue
Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size
Marking:UV / IR / Barcode

Application:Magic Show


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Many people have watched magic show but seldom try to give a magic show, if you are one of whom do not know magic trick, you can learn from our passage as well as products.

Bicycle prestige marked deck are decks of Bicycle cards magic, they are always used in magic performance by magicians. GS made ultimate Bicycle marked cards Prestige type are good quality products, they were processed by our professional technicians with invisible ink formula and cards marking printer, of course good quality marks will not be seen by others naked eyes, but you can see them very clearly with our invisible ink contact lenses that can see invisible ink or infrared glasses that can see through poker cards. You can also use them in your games, since no one knows there are marks on the Prestige Bicycle marked deck of cards except you, you can get the overall situation by knowing others marked Bicycle Prestige playing cards counts, so winning poker games is easy for you. Decks of Prestige marked Bicycle playing cards can also provide tool for you to get fun with friends and family.

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