NTP Luminous marking poker cheat cards

Items:NTP luminous juice cards

Color:Red / Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size

Marking:UV / IR / Barcode

Application:Magic Show / Poker Tricks


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You have no other choice but to be strong. You can stop for a few minutes if you are tired. Then continue. You can lose but you cannot give up. These efforts are called struggle. Even in poker, we must always remember to fight for ourselves.

Why not buy NTP POKER-marked playing cards to protect yourself from those who want you to fail? It is your real friends who want you to win in poker. That’s also our wish.

NTP POKER decks are made in Europe from 100% plastic. You can either buy the blue or red marked deck or send us your NTP POKER card deck and we will make the invisible luminous marks for you. You can reach us via email or WhatsApp for special requests.

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