PK-King 518 barcode poker analyzer

Items:PK King Scanning Analyzer

Color:Black / White


Scanning Distance:20-40cm
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK
Delivery Time:3-6 Working Days
Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games

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Material: Plastic and metal

Color: Black

Scanning distance: 20-40cm

The scanning range for width is 20cm

Support games:

Scanning Cards: One Deck or Two Decks at a Time

Report Speed: 0.1s

Scanning cameras: double local cameras (and wireless scanning camera).

Support Frequency : MDA AKK and PK king

Battery: 4000mAh. (Bigger than all batteries used in other analyzers)

Some people prefer PK King poker analyzers over CVK or MDA. The PK King is not the most expensive or traditional poker analyzer, but is still very useful.

Double local scanning cameras on the PK KING518 scanner analyzer make it possible to scan a wider area than ever before. It can scan a distance between 20cm-40cm. This scanner analyzer can scan barcode marked cards if they are within scanning distance of a local camera. You don’t need to purchase another wireless camera for this analyzer anymore. You only need the barcoded cards and a small earphone in order to listen to the results of the games and have fun at the poker table.

This PK KING analyzer is able to get 5 games. Many other analyzers, such as the AKK K30 and K4, CVK350C, CVK400 can only get 3 games.

In the game hall, you can find a variety of games, such as Texas Holdem and Oaha. You can also play Blackjack, High Cards or flush game. It is possible to play the game you want.

You can use the analyzer for Magic Shows and Gambling, Casino Games, Poker Games as well as private parties, entertainment activities, etc. Please contact us for more details!

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