T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens

Items:Clothes barcode poker cards camera

Matched Analyzer:All poker analyzers including AKK, CVK,  PK  or LD analyzers

Material: Clothes with Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:30-60cm

Delivery Time:2-4 Working Days

Application:Omaha & Texas Holdem Poker & Baccarat&Blackjack

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The T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens is an ideal daily item with the spy scanning lens for use in casinos or other poker rooms.

The casino rules are getting stricter. Many poker games don’t allow items like phones or powerbanks to be placed at the gambling table, so most of the poker scanner cameras become useless. Try the T-shirt poker scanner dynamic camera lens, a new wireless product from our company. This appears to be a way of removing your hands from the game and dispelling doubts that you are cheating.

The T-shirt Scanning Dynamic Lens is a scanner which can be worn around the body. It is safe and no one will suspect you of cheating. The T-shirt scanning dynamic lens has a very large scanning distance, which is ideal for people who need a lot of distance.

How does the Tshirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera perform its function? As technology advances, products must also be updated. The dynamic lenses of our company have been upgraded with image correction technology. This allows them to be identified quickly, whether the playing cards marked with barcodes are moving or not. This dynamic lens was placed in the middle T-shirt and the scanning distance was also improved. This lens is able to scan a range of up to 60 cm. The scanning distance reaches 60cm. The scanning width is 35-65cm. Poker players can choose from a wide variety of dynamic scanning lenses.

Our products are constantly innovating as the world advances. Poker winner analyzers can be aided by a safe and effective dynamic T-shirt scan. Contact us if you would like to know more about T-shirt Poker Cameras or place an order.

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