Bee invisible ink cheating marked cards

Items:Bee luminous marked cards

Color:Red / Blue


Size:Poker Size Regular Index

Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games


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Many players are complaining that they have bad luck. The worst is if gamble, they’ll lose all their money. Some clever people invent tricks with marked cards to help them win money at gambling. It works.

Bee playing cards are made in the USA. Our Bee marked cards are processed using imported Bee playing card. Bee playing cards are very popular in many countries. Especially the US and Russia.

The scanning barcode marked cards are different. With a special pair of glasses or contact lenses, you can see through the bee perspective marked cards. Poker analyzers are required to scan bar code marked cards. The best way to read numbers and suits is by using perspective marked cards.

This cheating product can help you win the game. You must also control yourself and not expose yourself. You can enjoy your money in a nice location after you have won it. This technology is also used in magic shows. Magic marked cards are great for magicians. They can increase the applause.

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