K4 casino cheating scanning system

Items:AKK poker winner system

Color:Black / White


Scanning Distance:20-40cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering


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The K4 Poker Analyzer is the newest model in 2016. This new analyzer will give poker players more enjoyment and benefits. The following features are available on this great device.

1. The K4 poker analyser can be used to analyze any poker game, including Texas Holdem, High Cards and Rhonda, as well as 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha and more.

2. Language settings can be set in English, Chinese and other languages.

3. You can receive the results in English or Chinese.

4. The K4 Poker Analyzer has two local scanning cameras. The K4 scanner is able to scan marked cards within a distance of 20cm-40cm.

5. Wireless short distance or long distance cameras can be used with K4 analyzer.

6. The software can accurately report poker results in just 0.1 seconds.

The K4 Poker Analyzer is simple to use and suitable for any poker game. It can deliver the results with 100% accuracy in 0.1 seconds after the scanning camera has read the barcodes on the cards.

This K4 Poker Analyzer is a great tool for card games.

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