Luminous Modiano playing cards 4 color

Items:Modiano marked poker cards


Material:Plastic Coated

Color:Red / Blue / Gold / Black
Size:Bridge Size
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing

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Modiano Essence PIP 4 Colour is a narrow size. Each suit is a different colour on the front. The 4 PIP Index refers to the number pips on the card (the letter and/or number at the corner). The 4 PIP index card has smaller pips, but a bigger picture in the center than a Jumbo index.

In Texas Holdem, the Invisible Modiano Essence PIP 4 color marked cards are very popular.

Bridge size

Dark blue and yellow

100% Plastic Playing Card

Each suit is a different color!

-Flexible, Bendable, Durable; Washable!

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