Modiano Black Jack UV Ink Marked Cards

Items:Modiano marked poker cards

Color:Red / Blue
Size:Poker Size 3.5" x 2.5"
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, BlackJack Game

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Whether you are a current poker player or are trying to learn the poker game, a reliable deck of invisible ink marked cards can go a long way in advancing your poker game. With different types marked cards on the market, our excellent Modiano Black Jack UV ink marked cards is a good option for someone who pursue quality.

Product Feature:
A two-deck set (green & brown / red & blue) that is washable and durable, Modiano Black Jack UV ink marked poker cards are made from 100 percent PVC plastic, therefore, Modiano Black Jack UV ink marked cards will last through night after night of playing, also a great deal money-wise among the ranks of invisible ink marked plastic cards.

  • Poker size 2.5*3.5 inches;
  • 2 deck in a plastic case;
  • Each deck contains 52 cards plus 2 jokers;
  • 100% plastic washable playing cards.

Modiano Black Jack UV ink marked cards for infrared contact lenses are processed using professional techniques by our staff. They also make a great performance in casino thanks to their excellent quality, moreover, the Modiano Black Jack UV ink marked cards are very popular in various types of invisible ink marked cards, which

  • was designed to help poker player win in the poker games more easily;
  • is a guarantor for clear marks for infrared contact lenses but high concealment for our naked eyes;
  • provides high convenience for those players who want to cheat in poker games but don’t want to use electronic devices.

Having a pleasure poker night, a deck of top-quality Modiano Black UV invisible ink marked playing cards is necessary. Please, for the winning of your poker game, do not save your investment in one deck of invisible ink marked cards of Modiano Black Jack, with one deck of our top quality Modiano Black Jack invisible ink marked deck with contact lenses, success comes naturally.

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