Modiano Plasticate Napoletane luminous poker

Items:Modiano marked poker cards

Color:Red / Blue
Material:100% Plastic
Supply Ability:1000 Decks Per Month
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Cheating for Texas Holdem, Card Game Playing

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You still find a way to make money at the poker table? Poker players are constantly learning new techniques and buying useful gadgets to help them win. How can poker players tell if they have a winning hand?

Contact lenses with perspective invisible ink and marked cards are the best tools to help you win. Perspective invisible ink can be used to mark any brand of playing cards, which will help you see all of your opponent’s hands.

Modiano Napoletane cards are plasticated playing cards. They are very popular in casinos around the world because of their high quality. You can choose Modiano plasticate Napoletane cards marked with invisible ink for any game.

Modiano Napoletane cards originate from Italy and can be marked to suit contact lenses, poker scanners, and analyzers. The invisible ink markings can also be customized.


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