4 Techniques for Poker Cheating

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If you want to play poker, it is important to learn how to cheat. Otherwise, others will cheat before you. It is said that cheaters are the best unless they are caught. Many people cheat at poker because they want to win. It is more common to cheat in private poker games or professional tournaments in casinos and personal clubs than most people think. “I cannot cheat in casinos, because I must use their cards.” You might say “I won’t cheat my friends at poker.”

There is much more cheating and cheating methods than people know.

Many people wonder how to cheat at poker.

Poker players have a variety of strategies they can use to cheat at card games. All these methods, some more aggressive than the others, are used in poker games. False dealing, holding back, colluding, marking cards, etc. are all useful methods. We will discuss some methods that people can use to cheat and gain an unfair advantage.

First, false dealing

False dealing can be used by the dealer as a way to cheat. False dealing is when a dealer deals a card suddenly without following the usual rules. It’s correct to deal cards from top to bottom, but the dealer may deal a card at the bottom of the deck or from the second highest position based on information that only he has. If the dealer does it correctly, it’s hard to detect these false deals. People are familiar with both the bottom and second deals.

This false dealing only works for the dealer. False dealing doesn’t help players who aren’t in a partnership with dealers. False dealing can sometimes be helpful in private games where players deal the cards themselves.

Secondly, Glimpsing or Peeking

It’s not a serious way to cheat, as it is not possible to do in a casino. Also, peaking or looking at the cards makes a person look unprofessional.

It may seem easy to peek at an opponent’s card, or the top or bottom card in the deck. But it is actually quite difficult. You can’t peek at the cards without the help of the dealer. If you meet an unknown professional dealer, however, you won’t be able to peek any cards. On the other hand, many players will keep their cards in a safe place. It’s also very obvious if you’re trying to peek at the cards of the person next to you.

In poker, peaking or glimpsing are only methods that work in magic.

Thirdly, switching cards

Comparing the two methods above, it seems that switching cards is more personal, as you don’t require any assistance from dealers or collusion between players. Cards exchanging devices, such as a wallet or phone, can be very helpful.

The most traditional cheating method in poker is switching cards. Switching cards is a phrase that can be translated literally to mean to exchange a card for another or to bring cards into the game to exchange when needed. A player could, for example, get an Ace out of his pocket, his sleeve, or anywhere else, to exchange a card in his hand and make double K. If you own a phone card exchanger, you may be able to easily change cards without anyone noticing.

Lastly, Cards Marking Techniques

Wikipedia states that “Card Marking is the process of altering a playing card in a way only visible to the marker or conspirator.” This can be done by bending a deck or adding visible marks. Cards can be marked with visible marks such as beading or needle-picking or ink-based marks like pen writing, finger-marking or machine printing.

The invisible ink marked deck of cards is the most practical and useful marked card in poker cheating. In this article, I will talk about the invisible-ink marked playing cards. These may include marked decks for infrared lenses or barcode marked cards that work with phone poker analysers. These high-quality marked decks will always be marked using the advanced cards marking machines.

Marked cards with IR contact lenses

These cards are very popular for cheating at poker because they can be used with contact lenses that work in infrared light. They also come in a low price range and work well. This device can be used to cheat at any game, provided you use your own cards. Playing cards can be marked in a variety of ways, and most can display both numbers and suits. With a pair of infrared glasses or secret contact lenses you can easily tell the suit and number of each card with an invisible marked deck.

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