Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Items:Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

Brand:GS marked cards
Color:Red / Blue, Orange / Green, Pink / Brown,etc.

Material:Plastic & Paper

Size:Poker Size & Bridge Size

Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Show & Poker Games


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Have you used marked cards before? You probably already know about marked cards. Contact lenses marked cards are the most common among the dusted deck cards.

Some poker cards cannot be marked with contact lenses. Consider the cheating poker lenses marked cards as an example.

The 52-deck Bicycle cards used for the Bicycle marked contact lenses are manufactured in the United States. We developed a custom-made luminous paint to print on each Bicycle card, with a different value and suit. The Bicycle cards will retain their original design and appearance after the marks have been printed. You can’t find any secrets, even if you hold it up to your face!

Many people are aware that contact lenses marked cards are made using invisible ink. They therefore search for infrared pen or invisible ink online. But 99% were disappointed with the performance of the luminous ink kit. If you ask professional card marking technicians they will say that “This happens naturally”. The ink and pen that you purchase are excellent products but they cannot meet your requirements. Many factors can affect the marking of marked contact lenses cards, such as temperature, weather and ink. You will need ink, a pen and Bicycle cards to mark the cards. Just do it! You will be disappointed with the results.


The marked cards supplier does not sell juiced cards or invisible ink pens. They use an advanced card marking printer. You can easily tell the difference between a magic deck and a juiced card deck if you purchase them from the same supplier.

Updated information on the marked contact lens cards.

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