Lucky Remote Control Dice Automatic Roller

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Many people think of remote control dice when they hear the term. The anti-cheating dice automatic roller is also an excellent dice cheating tool. The dice cups make a perfect accessory for dice games. They are energy-saving, anti-cheating, and a wonderful gift for family members and elderly people who enjoy playing dice games. You don’t need to shake your dice, just push the button and it will automatically roll the dice for you. We also sell the automatic roller, which can be used with remote control dice in order to get the number you want.

Remote Control Dice Automatic Roller Technique

If you do not press the remote, the anti-cheating dice roller is the same as the normal one that you can buy online or in a physical store. It will show the exact result of each roll if you don’t press it. If you use the remote control, you can change the outcome of the dice.



The anti-cheating bottom has a coil that can create a magnetic field when controlled by a wireless switcher. This allows the user to remotely control the dice point. The automatic dice roller, as we all know, is an electrical device. It is packed with backup accessories. Even if we added 1-2 more small parts, its weight and working status would remain the same. It is difficult to discover the secret to this remote control dice roller if someone were to disassemble it.

Specifications for Remote Control Dice Automatic Roller

  • Dice Cup Dimensions: 4″ (diameter) x 4 “(height), powered by two AA batteries.
  • 1 base
  • Black cap on transparent clear cap. (Black cover ensures dices cannot be seen by your opponents).
  • 3 remote control dice.


Remote Control Dice Automatic Rolling

  1. The red button will automatically roll the vehicle.
  2. The button will appear on your remote control.
  3. Release the remote control button once the dice stops rolling.

This remote control automatic dice roller will cater to all dice game requirements. Backgammon and other board games such as Settlers of Catan, Yahtzee or Backgammon require dices.

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