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Items:Dice cup camera for dice games

Product Name:Dice Scanner Cup


Available Color:Black& White
Application:Dice Tricks & Magical Shows
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The scanning dice cup is a processed dice device. We process the bowl and cup of the dice instead of the dice. This is different than other cheat dice products such as the remote control dice and the gravity dice.

It is now possible to hide a spy camera inside the dice bowl and cup. To cover the spy camera better, we usually choose the black plastic material for the dice cup. The inside of the dice cup is different from the marked cards on the surface. In this dice cup is a monitor. This camera scans every roll of the dice, and then transmits the image to any device with a screen.

The dice cup scanner cannot be used alone, so it is best to use with a friend. You can have your friend look at the results of the game in another room, and then tell you about it using a wiretap earpiece.

You can use the dice cup scanner for several hours on a single charge.

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