Omnipotent mercury cheating trick dice

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Product Name:Mercury Dice
Manufacturer:GS company


Color:White & Transparent & Red
Application:Dice Games
Supply Ability:1000 Pics a Month

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There are many ways to help you win at betting. You can win casino poker games with invisible ink marked cards and a poker winner analyzer. Mercury dice are also good dice tricks.

Mercury is the only liquid metallic in the world. Its sticky, heavy, and movable properties are the reasons we don’t use iron powder or sand as a replacement.

We can get any number we want by pulling out the three-dimensional rhombohedron inside a die. The mercury can be moved to any side, as it is movable. If you want 6 pips you can face down one pip, and then know it lightly. The mercury will move from the side of 1 to 6. The face of six is always upwards under gravity.

It won’t be able to move around the three-dimensional rhombohedron easily because it is sticky and heavy. It has an accuracy of 80 percent.

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