Magic Trick Dice Talking/Listening Dices

Items:Induction dice to know pip you get

Color:Red / White / Black/ Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm

Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Casino Games / Magic Tricks

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The latest cheating device for craps is the Talking Dice. You may already be familiar with other cheating devices such as remote control dice, sensor die, and mercury dice. We would like to present to you the Talking Dice, also known as Listening Dice.

The Talking Dice looks like a normal dice, and no one will be able to figure out its secret. Have you used a poker analyzer before? You must have used the Poker Analyzer.

Talking Dice is available in a variety of sets, including:

1. Analysis software

2. Talking Dices

3. Mini earphone

Talking Dices are unique in their design.

1. The voice prompt is a software that can be used to report the number of dice directly. It can match all types of mini Bluetooth earpieces.

2. Screen notification mode can show multiple dices numbers at once.

3. Vibrating prompt. You can choose from different vibrating methods to display the results of the dices craps game. This pattern allows the software to adapt to the size and shape of the dice, making it ideal for Tai-Sai, or guessing the odd-even results of craps.

4. You can recharge the dice just as you would a cell phone. One dice can be used again and again.

5. Only the analyzer you own can work with the dice that you selected (the number of dices does not matter). This means that even if others use the software to listen to dice, they will not be able receive any information. Only you are able. You don’t need another phone to do this; you can use the one you have now.

6. It is very convenient and safe to use.




Bau Cua Ca Cop (Fish-Prawn-Crab)

Liar’s dice




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