Sensor tricks dice for game

Items:Induction dice to know pip you get

Product Name:Induction Dice
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Color:White & Transparent & Red & Orange & Green
Application:Dice Games
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What is an induction die? Induction dice are magic tricks dice where you can feel the pips of each one after they have been thrown. It is also known as Radio dice.

Why can you feel the pips of its fruit?

Induction dice sets include radio dice, a radio transmitter, a battery, and a sensor. Our experts will bury the radio transmitter and battery in a dice. The radio transmitter will transmit the signal to the detector once the induction dice stops after you throw it. You can then tell the pips based on the way the sensor shakes.

What do you feel when you touch its pips?

The sensor can be used to match six dice faces. The sensor has six ways to match the dice.

If you want to know what a pip is, you can ask for it. For example, 1 pip would be one long shake. 2 pips would be one long shake followed by one short shake. You can therefore know in advance what pips to expect.

Battery of the induction dice can be replaced, but not the battery of receiver. One sensor can receive a signal from only one induction die.

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