Remote control cheating dice

Items:Remote control tricks dice

Product Name:Remote Control Dice
Manufacturer:GS company

Content:One panel, vibrator, controller, dices

Color:White & Transparent & Red
Application:Dice Games & Magical Shows

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People enjoy playing dice games. If they want to win, they’ll find a way, like using a magnet casino magic cheating die with remote control, or if it’s not magnetic, a non-magnet remote control dice. Remote control dice are also used for poker games. You can, for example, use remote control dice in Texas Holdem or Omaha to determine who the first player is.

Remote control dice are a set of casino cheating dice that includes one magnet dice and one remote board. Remote control dice are made with the milky colored dice. We don’t use transparent dice, because you have to install a small magnet to control the dice pip. This means that you can only control two sides of a dice. If you want 6 pip, for example, the next number to use is 1.

The remote control dice can only be used once. You do not need to share the dice with a friend. It is also not a cheating ink product. You can use it in any light.

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