Fournier 2818 luminous magic playing cards

Items:Fournier marked deck

Color:Red / Blue, Orange / Green, Pink / Brown
Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size
Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Show


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Fournier is one of the best poker brand in the world, and also the best marked cards brand in our company.  Have you ever heard playing cards Fournier 2818 marked decks? We have Fournier 2818 marked cards in poker size Jumbo index, also there are colors red and blue for you to choose if you want to buy some of them. Excellent quality and outlook appearance of Fournier 2818 marked cards can assure the value of the exchange.

When you are going to decide to buy some marked cards for poker games, don’t forget to get contact lenses or infrared sunglasses as well, because Copag marked cards are useful and of significant only with wearing contact lenses and infrared sunglasses, because the invisible ink marks made on marked Fournier 2818 playing cards cannot be seen by naked eyes. If you are interested in our marks printer and invisible ink, please contact us, any questions about marked cards are welcomed.

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